June 05 – July 17,

ASICENE – Post-Singularity Epoch of Artificial Super Intelligence Inhabitation of Earth, © Suzanne Treister, 2018
Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Those Who Are Not with Us Are Also with Us

Artists and Collectives: János Brückner, Igor&Ivan Buharov, Adrienn Dorsánszki, Mark Fridvalszki, Land 3C (Tomas Narkevicius, Gorazd Popov, Vitalij Puzyriov and Vaida Stepanovaite), Henrike Naumann, Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK), Dominika Trapp, Suzanne Treister

Curators: Krisztina Hunya, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Márió Z. Nemes
Assistant curator: Daniel Hüttler
Project coordination: Nora Malles

Departing from the Hungarofuturist Manifesto (2017), the exhibition Those Who Are Not with Us Are Also with Us investigates aesthetic strategies targeted at the conditioning of cultural identity. Nationalist ideologies instrumentalise contemporary and historical myths and thereby challenge artists, theorists, and activists to develop new, progressive concepts of “being Hungarian”, “being Austrian”, “being European”, or “belonging” in a general sense. Instead of succumbing to the paranoid ghosts of our European existence, the participants point to interdisciplinary schemes, alternative languages, and hybrid conditions that combine personal narrative with futurist imaginations. They challenge populist tools, gender-specific norms, and rusty modes of thought, either by employing strategies of appropriation and reconfiguration or through their alienation in the speculative context of outer space.

The exhibition is organised in the framework of the OFF-Biennale Budapest 2020.

The opening on June 4, 2020 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon, the peace agreement between the Allies of World War I and Hungary.

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