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Alfredo Barsuglia

FBK – Freie Badekultur

The project FBK – Freie Badekultur [Free Bath Culture] is an oasis for the hot summer months. The Art Booth, a former telephone booth in the WUK courtyard, is tipped on its side and filled with water. The pool for two is open between 9 am and 8 pm and is free of charge. The water is exchanged regularly, and free bathing suits and towels are available as well.

The bathers become actors and the pool a stage. In this manner, it questions today’s body cult and social norms. The intention is to stimulate a discussion about the exhibition of one’s own body, between the conservative everyday, the hedonistic virtual “selfie cult”, and the context of different cultures.

The work FBK evolved from Barsuglia’s “Social Pool” in the desert of Southern California (2014), which triggered a real hype.


Eröffnung: Mi 21.6. um 19 Uhr
Special Guests:
Jasmin and Oleg with the romantic water song

: Do 22.6. bis Do 31.8. 2017 

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

KUNSTZELLE ist ein Projekt im WUK von Christine Baumann.

Kunstzelle / WUK courtyard


KUNSTZELLE/Christine Baumann