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VORSTADTKROKODILE (Suburban Crocodiles), 11+

Play by Christian Ditter based on the book by Max von der Grün PART II OF THE TRILOGY

Trilogie Abenteuer Liebe

The girl’s gang “Vorstadtkrokodile” (Suburban Crocodiles) is the coolest gang in the city. Everyone wants to be a member. When the 12-year-old Hanna is sent off on a dangerous dare as a part of her initiation ritual she ends up in a life-threatening situation. However, she is saved by the rescue call made by Kaia, who sits in a wheelchair and watches everything from her telescope. They become friends, but Kaia is not accepted into the gang – until she tells them about a burglar she saw, who is wanted for a 1000 euro reward…


Presale price: Erwachsene € 10.00, Kinder € 8.00
Box Office price: € 10.00
Price in online shop with all fees: € 10.00
Reduced price: € 9.00

Entrance 1, 1st floor


Trilogie Abenteuer Liebe, 2. Teil


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