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VERTEX is a three-day mixed reality performance working along the tripartite axes knowledge/truth/reality or imaginary/symbolic/real. Multisensory, immersive installations, a DIY flotation tank, precognitive remote sensing experiments, box training, avatars, mechanical and psychic projections, augmented and virtual realities, cursory news from the “great other”, rampant diagrams, wandering pianos, sentimental voices, reason, intellect, madness, dreams in dreams, poetry, concerts and very last lectures.

Swimming or sports clothes and towels recommended. Mouth guards as needed, smartphones or tablets expedient, otherwise available in limited amount.

Installations active from 5 pm, lectures, performances from 8 pm, Fuckhead Hausmusik daily. Galashow on March 25, 2017.

Lecturers on knowledge and belief: Dr. Anat Stainberg, Dr. Otmar Wagner, Dr. Dietmar Bruckmayr
The artists: Andreas Teufel (piano) Klemens Kölbl (baritone)

Constructors augmented and virtual reality installation: Ragdoll Twins (Bobby Rajesh Malhora & Tina Muliar)
Operators of dubious experiments: Michael Strohmann aka Itsnotfair
Projections and appiritions: Hand mit Auge
Boxing exercise instructor: Didi Bruckmayr
Scurfy dudes: Fuckhead


Box Office price: € 14.00
Price in online shop with all fees: € 14.00
Reduced price: € 10.00

Entrance 3, ground floor


Accessible for wheelchair users


WUK performing arts


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