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JazzWerkstatt Wien ZOOM! Festival

The musician collective JazzWerkstatt Wien summons the scene and audience to WUK for the annual ZOOM! Festival: 5 days and 15 acts – an exciting cross-section through the Austrian music scene, which everyone now knows is creating a furore well beyond the borders. For well over a decade JazzWerkstatt Wien has been giving a stage for the music that is only now being discovered by the media. Without all the hype and fanfare, simply just damn good music: Wandl Live! (Affine Records), Leo Riegler Solo, Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, Pneuma, Soft Kill Option, Trio Trara, Audiobomber, and many more will dazzle the stage in the Project Space with every imaginable acoustic and performative dynamic.


Tickets: 9 € / 27 € Festivalpass  

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JazzWerkstatt Wien