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Support: And The Golden Choir

The indie institution Slut from Ingolstadt doesn’t go on tours and otherwise only call attention to themselves when they really have something to say. The new album “Alienation” is a pretty good indication of this. Chris Neuburger once said that talking about music is as promising as the attempt to dance to architecture. One could add: To talk about alienation is like trying to drink the zeitgeist with a straw. “In their twenty-year band history Slut have never produced any rubbish”, reads the official promo text. So much self-confidence can’t be faked without a good reason. The basic approach could be described as “subtle opulence”. Slut serves what Slut has and is capable of, but without drowning the listener in an orchestral flood.


Presale price
Box Office price: € 26.00
Price in online shop with all fees: € 23.00
Reduced price: € 22.00

Entrance 3, ground floor


Accessible for wheelchair users


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