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Practice of the public space / Lecture
09 Dec 2014
KEX Studio

studioBASAR, 2012

Lecture (in English)
Tue, 9.12.2014
7 pm
KEX Studio

Started as a form of documentation and adaptation to the context, the work within the public space has gradually turned our architectural practice into an action based research. A series of interventions, installations and incidents have articulated a practice of the public space, through which we tested various instruments that transformed the public spaces they were inserted in to, and changed the users’ practices.

studioBASAR activates since 2006 as an architectural studio and a team of urban research and intervention. Preoccupied with the dynamics of local urban culture and the disappearing importance of public spaces in transitional Bucharest, studioBASAR's works range from public space interventions, art installations and urban research projects to competitions and different typologies of residential and public buildings.