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WUK Bildung und Beratung Aktuell

Energiekompetenzen durch Energie-Führerschein

Teilnehmer_innen von WUK m.power Mit dem Energie-Führerschein belegten Teilnehmer_innen von WUK m.power ihre Kompetenzen im Bereich Energiesparen am Arbeitsplatz und im Alltag.

WUK zum Nachlesen

Oktober Folder zum Download

Folder Cover Den gesamten WUK Folder Oktober 2014 zum Nachlesen.

Rocko Schamoni: Ein Leben ist zu wenig

Rocko Schamoni Christine Baumann ist Rocko Schamoni-Fan. Bei seinem letzten Besuch im WUK hat sie mit ihm kurz über Hamburg und Wien geplaudert. Das Sammelsurium an Fragen, die sie ihm damals noch stellen wollte, beantwortet er jetzt in diesem Mail-Interview.

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Die drei kleinen Schweinchen und die Wölfe [The Three Little Pigs and The Wolves]

Hepp Trupp (Hungary)

EventTeaser:Die drei kleinen Schweinchen und die Wölfe [The Three Little Pigs and The Wolves]

The pupper theatre is based on two classic stories in which the three little pigs use their combined power and cleverness to beat the greedy wolf. An exciting, insightful piece with a good dose of humour, few text, and a lot of music!

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Tickets available at the WUK information office


Brazilian Identities

EventTeaser:Brazilian Identities

The party is as diverse as Brazil! The afternoon begins with Capoeira and a clown workshop for children, and there is a theatre laboratory in the spirit of Augusto Boal for adults. Short film screenings, artistic handcraft, controversial positions, useful information about Brazil, and advice from different NGOs accompany the search for Brazilian identity. All this with Caipirinha, Guarana, Coxinha, Feijão & Co. The evening explores the many facets of Brazilian music. Join in Samba Folklore and listen to concerts: Bossa Nova with Matilda Leko and the unmistakeably rebellious Célia Mara. The evening is rounded out with a DJ set with Evren da Conceição & Subwearsive Visuals. Simply a big party!

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TIME: October 23, 2014, 2 PM - 12.00 AM
LOCATION: Projektraum


Global 2000 Birthday Party

Petsch Moser, The Boys You Know, Texta uvm.

EventTeaser:Global 2000 Birthday Party

The Austrian environmental organisation GLOBAL 2000 invites all to WUK for its seventh birthday party – the proceeds go to the benefit project Chernobyl Children. Renowned bands – Texta, The Boys You Know, Petsch Moser, and Kommando Elefant – rock their support for environmental protection and show just how much fun you can have doing good. And there’s more! The DJs of 90ies Club from Loft guarantee the best atmosphere and dancing mood, while Zweitfrau lead singer Diana Lueger guides you through the evening as moderator.

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TIME: October 24, 2014, 8 PM


Tickets auch im WUK Informationsbüro erhältlich


The Raveonettes

New Album: Pe'ahi

EventTeaser:The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes are since longer not newcomers anymore, yet everytime it feels as if an insiders’ tip has crossed your path, something innovative and refreshing. Maybe it is because their music sounds like a unique combination of 60s mod (The Who), late-80s shoegaze-psychedelic (Stone Roses), classic surf-garage-rock (Link Wray), and quite simply themselves, like Raveonettes. One of their to-date biggest hits "Love in a Trashcan" is a perfect example of this symbiosis – a catchy song is a major understatement.

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TIME: October 28, 2014, 8 PM


Tickets auch im WUK Informationsbüro erhältlich


Suzie Prowdie's Collection

Susanne Kompast in der Intakt Galerie

EventTeaser:Suzie Prowdie's Collection

Die Ausstellung zeigt Tischfußballerinnen, die in neuer Formation auftreten, wie auch Frauenschaften, die ihr Game schon gespielt haben. Zusätzlich zeigt Susanne Kompast Ölbilder.

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TIME: October 22, 2014 - October 31, 2014
LOCATION: Intakt Raum