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WUK Bildung und Beratung Aktuell

Selbstwert durch Verwirklichungschancen

Eine Wolke mit vielen Schlagworten zum Thema Selbstwert Am Tag der offenen Tür wurden die einzelnen Arbeitsbereiche im Jugendcoaching vorgestellt und im Rahmen eines Workshops die Faktoren für den Aufbau und die Aufrechterhaltung des Selbstwertes beleuchtet.

WUK zum Nachlesen

Dezember Folder zum Download

cover Dezember Den gesamten WUK Folder Dezember 2014 zum Nachlesen.

Meerjungfrauen pinkeln besser

Ann Liv Young Im Dezember remixt das Versuchsformat REAL DEAL!, kuratiert von God’s Entertainment und Tomas Zierhofer-Kin / donaufestival, Performancekünste und Clubkultur. Mit dabei ist die New Yorker Performerin Ann Liv Young, der wir vorab ein paar Fragen zu Meerjungfrauen, Tampons und pinkeln gestellt haben.

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Moop Mama

Support: Celina

EventTeaser:Moop Mama

Moop Mama – for those who don’t know the name: we’re a marching band, as it says in one of the songs on their sensational debut album “Deine Mutter”. No joke: 10 people, a brass section of seven, two drummers, and a vocalist are on their way with their absolutely one-of-a-kind mixture of brass, hip-hop, and German rap. Escaping the energy of this band is an impossible task. The texts are so high-calibre and multifaceted that you’ll find a German teacher in the arms of a sweaty punk upon listening. Keno, the singer and rapper, pulls off a balancing act between engaged political texts and twisted interhumanity. A tremendous show full of adventure and love!

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TIME: December 2, 2014, 8 PM


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Man Machine

Matthias Guido Braudisch

EventTeaser:Man Machine

Man Machine is a self-built, semi-automatic black-and-white portrait photo booth. The photo booth is built outside of the Art Booth in WUK and serves as a camera and darkroom. The person to be photographed takes a seat in the Art Booth and inserts an Euro in the coin slot. The artist is present in the darkroom. He exposes and develops one portrait photo of the person onto direct positive paper with the help of a medium format camera and a flash. It is exposed directly onto the paper whereby the image is inverted. Thus, the portrait is a special photo as it depicts the person in the way they know the best: a mirror image. Since there is always just one photo made and there is no negative, each image is unique and can be taken with you immediately. The process from the shot to the finished photo takes about five minutes.

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TIME: November 20, 2014 - December 31, 2014
LOCATION: Kunstzelle / WUK courtyard



Alles Was Du Willst Tour 2014


After the first notes, it is already clear: This album has to be listened to loud. Luxuslärm unite catchy hooks and coherent lyrics with uninhibited passion, immense force, and opulent inventiveness. 14 catchy songs deliver a clear statement: The band from North Rhein-Westphalian Iserlohn is the counter-model of acts from the drawing board, and they command the potentials of direct, unadulterated rock music. They don’t measure their music with attempts at redefining the genre, but they impressively illustrate that here there are very unique nuances to be explored. Though brimming with energy, the quintet also entrances their audience with a filigree interplay of quieter tones and gripping ballads.

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TIME: November 26, 2014, 8 PM


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lights. WUK Designmarkt

Vienna’s chilled-out indoor Christmas market

EventTeaser:lights. WUK Designmarkt

Vienna’s chilled-out indoor Christmas market with splendours to buy and to hear is a fixed date on the calendar for all those who prefer a more relaxed ambience in the hunt for possible (Christmas) presents. Approximately 40 labels offer textile designs for head to foot, jewellery, accessories to wear or for one’s own four walls, bags, ceramics, soaps, clothes, cuddly animals for babies, stationeries of all types, and much, much more… The DJ line-up’s selection of music ensures acoustic design pleasure beyond all of the Christmas calamity. Also there are live music sets each evening.

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TIME: December 5, 2014 - December 7, 2014
LOCATION: Projektraum


Neuer Anlauf

Was sind meine Stärken?

EventTeaser:Neuer Anlauf

Mini!labs - um Fertigkeiten und Fähigkeiten zu entdecken, Nützliches zu lernen und Tipps für die eigene Weiterbildung und Berufswahl zu bekommen.

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TIME: November 27, 2014, 4 PM - 5 PM
LOCATION: WUK Bildung und Beratung im 16. Bezirk

Oh du ... Bonifacius & Michelino - feierlich, ab 4


EventTeaser:Oh du ... Bonifacius & Michelino - feierlich, ab 4

Zwei Clowns stellen die Gewissheiten des Alltags kunstvoll und poetisch auf den Kopf und befreien sich aus Missgeschicken immer wieder überraschend genial. Humorvolle Verwicklungen um die wirklich wichtigen Dinge in der Weihnachtszeit, wie z.B. Weihnachtsbaum schmücken, Geschenke machen und sich musikalisch auf Weihnachten einstimmen.

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