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WUK Bildung und Beratung Aktuell

Erleben Staunen Mitmachen

Wurzelbox WUK bio.pflanzen und die BOKU Wien laden am 25. April 2014 zum Frühlingserwachen und einem Erlebnis- und Erforschungstag rund um das Thema Boden.

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Eleni Mandell

Let's Fly A Kite Tour 2014

EventTeaser:Eleni Mandell

Eleni Mandell always had a knack for wrapping small, interesting stories in small wonderful songs. Depending on her mood she shifted between different musical styles, varying the sounds and gestures on each of her albums. “Let’s Fly a Kite” presents us with an artist who confidently experiments with diverse stylistic forms while lending each song that extra certain something in order to harmonically fit in the greater context of the album but also to work as a stand alone in any playlist. In the past winter Eleni Mandell already proved at WUK just how perfectly this can function also as a live act – we are more than happy to welcome her again!

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TIME: April 20, 2014, 8 PM

Box Office price: € 18.00




On March 14 the Hamburg duo Hundreds released their second album “Aftermath”. Four years after their debut Eva and Philipp Milner expand their minimalist electronic approach with immersive melodies and grand pop moments. “Aftermath” represents the preliminary climax of their extraordinary and overly remarkable development.

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TIME: April 22, 2014, 8 PM




school presents works by: Selma Doborac, Randa Maddah, Monira Al Qadiri, Ana Hoffner and Wafa Gabsi

EventTeaser:OFF SCENE
Anna Hoffner, After the Transformation, 2013

April 23, 2014 – 19:00 KEX Studio
Lecture, presentation, and sound sets with Wafa Gabsi, Monira Al Qadiri, and school

April 24, 2014 – 19:00 Kunsthalle Exnergasse
Exhibition opening with works by Selma Doborac, Ana Hoffner, Randa Maddah, and Monira Al Qadiri
Exhibition until April 30, 2014

Talking about war
In an age when we can witness war scenarios as they happen in real time, how should images look like in order to develop the potentials of a differentiated point of view?
Four filmic works will be shown that deal with the memory and reality of war or what lies underneath and shift the gaze away from the centre of the scene. An attempt to expand the emotional vocabulary needed to fathom armed conflicts and our inherent involvement and to understand the political contexts and interests as well.

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Der große Reibach

Film evening in the framework of “Europe in Motion” by Attac and WUK

EventTeaser:Der große Reibach

When Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan came into power an unprecedented deregulation campaign began with the help of economic advisors of the leading banks: Bit by bit they destroyed everything that had been built up since the 1929 Depression and the post-war era in order to give capitalism a social component.

Der große Reibach
Documentary by Jean-Michel Meurice and Fabrizio Calvi
F/FIN 2012
72 min.

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TIME: April 22, 2014, 7 PM
LOCATION: Projektraum


RatzFatz: G´sang und G´schwatz

Concert for Kids

EventTeaser:RatzFatz: G´sang und G´schwatz

RatzFatz is the Tyrolean children’s song inventors Hermann Schwaizer-Riffeser and Frajo Köhle. Their new programme is about singing and blabbering. The songs deal with disorder: They’re about horrible bathtub pirates, friendship, pizza. And what’s the more: we’ll rumble and rattle and clatter and crash until it is groovy. And most importantly: Shake it out like silly! Loads of fun for everyone!

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Jungpflanzenmarkt und Erlebnistag bei WUK bio.pflanzen


WUK bio.pflanzen eröffnet die Saison 2014 und lädt zum Tag der offenen Tür. Auf dem Betriebs- und Schaugelände von WUK bio.pflanzen erwarten die BesucherInnen die ersten bio.Jungpflanzen sowie zahlreiche Erlebnis-Stationen, die in Kooperation mit ExpertInnen der Universität für Bodenkultur (BOKU) Wien gestaltet wurden.

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TIME: April 25, 2014, 10 AM - 5.00 PM
LOCATION: WUK bio.pflanzen, Gänserndorf