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-did you tell them? [pause]--did i tell them what?--you told them this was fiction?

Screening von Sulaïman Majali

Sulaïman Majali

-did you tell them? [pause]--did i tell them what?--you told them this was fiction? 
Screening von Sulaïman Majali
22.03.2017, 18.30 Uhr

Sulaïman Majali’s new video work is an interrogation of relationships between space, the image and the sculptural object. Departing from a transcript of a conversation that forms part of a wider project of mapping, defining and proposing Arabfuturism(s), the video work questions the location of the diasporic mind. After the proliferation of the image and a quantum scattering of bodies, how do we generate new narratives amongst the ruins of disintegration and collapse?
Isn’t the citizen of nowhere, a citizen of everywhere? In the heterotopia of a phone conversation, the image, the word and the object occupy space at the peripheries of virtuality and actuality.
Coffee?--Remember a thousand images and a poem?--all of this is poetry though,--in some way, yeah[-]i guess, erm,--i guess it could be, [pause] what do we mean by saying that?--you said it was poetry,--it’s irrelevant, it could be a script.--

Sulaïman Majali
ist Künstler und Autor, lebt in Glasgow und London.
Er ist derzeit Artist in Residence im KEX Studio und wurde in Kollaboration mit Transmission, Glasgow eingeladen.


KEX Studio
WUK Währinger Str. 59, Stiege 3 / Erdgeschoss
1090 Wien