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Ein Vandalusischer Hund

17 Mär 2016
KEX Studio

Ein Vandalusischer Hund
KEX Studio
17.3.2016, 20.00 Uhr

Today the fluid form of artistic residency became a way to slide the surface of art industry, a modern lifestyle for its adepts. With no clear demand of productivity, it connects an artist with medieval figure of vagant, wandering performer or/and student, crossing Europe in search of bread, study and adventures.
Ein Vandalusischer Hund elaborates its format on the crossroads of vagant genres - being a flâneur show, party bar and merch booth, it invites you to participate in a one day feast of the School of Prosperity by Kyiv School in Vienna.

drinks, merch and music:

Vova Vorotniov, Kyiv Ukraine is an artist with graffiti background who works in different directions ranging from photography, public art to symbolical vandalism and humor.